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Come Out Of Her-Continue to Bleed the Beast

Lakota tribe of the original land owners: America a land of evil 

At time code 1:20: The segment begins to illustrate via testimony what the half breeds/mulatto half white Natives began to undermine tribal customs and authority. This is the same reality Africans face with mulattoes/Laconda class. 

Apollyon Rising : Satan Statue unveiled during Largest Public Ceremony on Tisha B'Av (Jul 26, 2015)


Freemasons worshiping the same God as the Satanist 

The KKK are Freemasons, did you know? 

The Goat Headed Pedophile Baphomet

The Worship of Baal still prevails

Homosexuality is Occult Devil Worship

Homosexuality is Occult Worship: Hitler, Crowley, and Secret Societies

Satanic Worship Among Black Hollywood

Ever wonder why the Black Church doesn't stand up for its community?
How come rich mega churches bleed their congregations dry?
How come the Black Church is supporting Sodomy and are nests of Sodomites?

Black Freemason Pastors

Most Americans like to believe that the United States is "the good guy" and that America is a good and moral nation. But is that the truth? Or is America plagued by an evil and wickedness that is so deep and so pervasive that most of us would rather live in denial rather than face the true horror?

The following is a list of 16 reasons why the United States of America is unspeakably evil.....

#1) America is completely addicted to pornography:

The United States is the world's biggest producer of pornography, and Americans are more addicted to it than ever before.

Did you know that....

*89% of all porn is created in the United States?

*$2.84 billion in revenue was generated from U.S. porn sites in 2006?

*89 dollars is spent on porn every single second of the day?

*260 new porn sites go online every single day?

*Porn revenue is larger than all of the combined revenues of all professional football, baseball and basketball franchises?

*25% of total search engine requests are porn related?

*More than 70% of men from 18 to 34 visit a pornographic site in a typical month?

In fact, a recent survey revealed that Americans are so enslaved to pornography that 25 percent of American employees who have Internet access visit porn websites while they are at work.

#2) America has slaughtered over 40 million babies through abortion:

Since 1973, well over 40 MILLION innocent babies have been chopped up and slaughtered in American abortion mills.

American "doctors" have dissected them, burned them alive, sucked their brains out and yet the American people seem to care less about this issue than ever.

How far down the toilet has America gone as a society when America kills about a million babies a year, and nobody even gets upset about it anymore?

#3) Scientists are now creating abominations of nature including fluorescent cats, spider goats and human/pig hybrids:

Thanks to advances in genetic modification, bizarre cross-species beasts are not just found in science fiction novels any longer. Now fluorescent cats, spider goats, human/pig hybrids and other incredibly weird creatures have actually been created by our scientists.....

#4) America is now tolerating gay marriage:

Maine has become the 5th state to legalize gay marriage. Several other states are also now considering making it legal.

Recent polls have revealed a rising trend of support for gay marriage in America. Now almost half of all Americans are in favor of gay marriage, and among young adults recent polls indicate that there is overwhelming support for gay marriage.

It now seems that those who speak out for morality are those that will be persecuted in America:

-A Methodist retreat center recently refused to allow two lesbian couples to use a campground pavilion for a civil union ceremony. The state of New Jersey punished the Methodists by revoking the center's tax-exempt status—a vindictive attack on the Methodists' religious liberty.

-In Massachusetts, where judges imposed gay marriage a few years ago, Catholic Charities was ordered to accept homosexual couples as candidates for adoption. Rather than comply with an order that would be harmful to children, Catholic Charities closed down its adoption program.

-California public schools have been told they must become "gay friendly". That includes a curriculum that teaches children that homosexuality is a valid lifestyle.

-Even speaking out against homosexuality can get you fired. Crystal Dixon, an associate vice president at the University of Toledo, was fired after writing an opinion piece in the Toledo Free Press in support of traditional marriage.....fired for exercising her First Amendment rights!

#5) America has totally accepted the theory of Darwinian "evolution" even though the actual science clearly shows that there was a Creator:

America is supposedly "one nation under God", but the truth is that the United States has done everything that they can to push God out of the classrooms. This is especially true in the science classrooms of America, where Darwinism is taught as absolute truth without any room for debate no matter what science might actually say.

The truth is that the science tells a whole different story than what our children are learning in the classroom, but the government of the United States has made it certain that they will never hear the truth in any public school.

To learn more about the shocking truth about this issue, check this out.....

#6) America brutally tortures the helpless prisoners it captures:

The torture techniques that "good" America uses on prisoners include hooding, stripping detainees naked, subjecting them to extreme heat, cold, noise and light, and depriving them of sleep for up to 11 days.

This torture by American authorities often expands into more vicious forms of extreme torture such as vicious beatings, sexual degradation, sodomy, near drowning, and near asphyxiation.

Both Republicans and Democrats, Christians and non-Christians approve of this sadistic torture of helpless prisoners.....

#7) America is fighting wars with immoral depleted uranium weapons:

Did you know that America is using nuclear waste to fight all of these wars?

This is what happens to babies whose mothers are exposed to depleted uranium.....

If you don't know about the horrors of depleted uranium, than you need to find out about how the U.S. is using immoral weapons that are not only turning Iraq and Afghanistan into uninhabitable hellholes forever, but are also slowly nuking and killing our own troops.....

#8) America's national debt is now over 10 TRILLION dollars:

Once upon a time, the United States was the biggest creditor in the world. But those days are long gone. Now America is the biggest debtor nation to ever exist on the earth.

America was once the richest nation in the world, but that was not nearly enough. Americans always had to have a bigger car, a bigger house and an endless supply of "stuff". So the government piled up debt, America's companies gorged on debt, and Americans made using credit cards into a national pastime.

Spending our own money wasn't even enough. We spent the money of our children, and of our grandchildren, and of their children, and now the national debt is well over 10 TRILLION amount that we will never be able to repay. And if you include the future liabilities that our government has committed us to such as future Social Security and Medicare payments, then the total is over 60 TRILLION dollars.

Now that many of our jobs have gone overseas, the price of gasoline is shooting through the roof, and people are losing their homes, do we find that Americans are learning their lesson?


Instead we are squeezing everything we can out of our plastic. Total credit card debt in America has reached almost a trillion dollars, and it is increasing at a rate which is four times faster than earlier this decade.

Instead of showing restraint, Americans have jammed the accelerator to the floor.

Prices are increasing dramatically while wages are remaining flat or even decreasing. Jobs are being outsourced and factories are being closed at a staggering pace. Our largest banks and financial institutions are teetering on the brink of failure. Homes are being foreclosed at record rates. Personal bankruptcies recently hit an all-time high. And so what is the answer the politicians give us? Wasting even more money and getting us into even more debt.

The truth is that the United States is headed for a financial collapse of unprecedented magnitude.....

#9) Child abuse, especially child sexual abuse, has become a national epidemic in America:

*It is estimated that there are over 60 million survivors of childhood sexual abuse in America today.

*Approximately 95% of all teenage prostitutes have been sexually abused.

*Of all American prisoners convicted of rape or sexual assault, two-thirds victimized children.

*Reported cases of child sexual abuse increased 322 percent from 1980 to 1990.

The truth is that tourists from the United States and Europe are a big part of the reason why human trafficking and child sex slavery is exploding around the world.....

#10) Divorce is at record levels, and it is as common in the church as it is in the broader society:

*The percentage of the population that is divorced: 10% (up from 8% in 1990, and 6% in 1980).

*Only 63% of American children grow up with both biological parents - the lowest figure in the Western world.

*The percentage of married people who reach their 50th anniversaries in America: 5%

If we are so "advanced", then why can't we stay married?

#11) The greed of the United States of America is absolutely stunning:

*1 billion people in the world go to bed without food every night.

*Every 3.6 seconds someone starves to death and 3/4 are children under the age of 5.

*More than 2.8 billion people, close to half the world's population, live on less than the equivalent of $2 a day.

*More than 1.2 billion people, or about 20 per cent of the world population, live on less than the equivalent of $1 a day.

*More than 1 billion people do not have access to safe water.

*About one-third of all children under the age of five suffer from malnutrition.

*The top fifth (20 per cent) of the world's people who live in the highest income countries have access to 86 percent of world gross domestic product. The bottom fifth, in the poorest countries, has about one percent.

*The assets of the world's three richest men exceed the combined gross domestic products of the world's 48 poorest countries.

The truth is that the greed of the "advanced" nations is leading us to a food crisis of horrific proportions.....

#12) Adultery and fornication are practically the national sports of America, and that has resulted in an explosion of STDs:

1 out of every four teen girls now has an STD and more than 25 percent of the residents of New York City now have herpes.....

#13) Murder is so common in the United States that it is a joke to the rest of the world:

The murder rate in the United States is among the highest of all developed countries, with rates in larger cities sometimes over 40 per 100,000 residents.

#14) False religions are exploding in America at a rate that is mind blowing:

False religion is spreading across America like a plague.

One big example of this is Oprah Winfrey's obsession with religion.

Imagine a religion where Jesus did not come to die on the cross, where there is no heaven, no hell, no sin, no salvation, no doctrine, where all spiritual paths in the world are equally valid and where "god" is in you and in everything else you see.

That is the religion of Oprah Winfrey.....

#15) The United States of America is leading the destruction of the environment of the world:

Most people do not realize that our reckless polluting has turned the Pacific Ocean into "the Great Pacific Garbage Patch" which is a "plastic soup" of trash, plastic, garbage and human waste an area about twice the size of the continental United States that stretches from Hawaii to Japan.....

#16) Meanwhile, more Americans than ever before have rejected Christianity, and even those who still practice Christianity don't even understand the basics of the Christian faith anymore:

A series of stunning new surveys has revealed that Americans are rapidly leaving the churches of America and are rejecting Christianity. These same surveys also show that even those who still call themselves "Christian" are rejecting traditional Christian beliefs..... 

Still not convinced? 

America's Satan's Country

I recently stumbled across the website of the Church of Satan, yes it exists, founded in America. I was curious not about its doctrine of which I've familiar but how many hits or visitors the site gets and from were. So I checked with the number one site analysis, "Alexa" And here are the results of the top 4, by rank, the nations that most visitors come from visiting the site of the Church of Satan:

Country Percent of Visitors Rank in Country
United States Flag  United States 35.5% 85,589
United Kingdom Flag  United Kingdom 4.0% 131,468
Canada Flag  Canada 3.5% 77,448
Germany Flag  Germany 2.8% 164,990

Is anyone surprised by this list of countries? The evil committed by these four countries are probably the worst atrocities in human history. 

Satanic Priest made Colonel in the U.S Military 
To assist with Witchcraft and Demonic Sorcery

Some of you are worried about Vodou in Africa, let me tell you, as a traditional African believer, there's nothing in Africa that supports evil of this sort that is coming from White Supremacy and Racism. A superiority complex so steep they even want to take on Almighty God. If you are still deciding, whether this society is still for you? And that this society still holds and represents God, love, family, mothers and all the things in life that matter to humans everywhere then you could be one of those who didn't heed Noah's warning. Ever wonder how America could be so evil to its once slaves, how many African American leaders can betray their own, its because they don't believe in the same God as you do. To them anything goes. There is no good or evil in their highest philosophy.  Might makes right. Deception is the name of the game. Reversal of everything good into bad. The true religion of Satan. 

Bleed the beast and Support the only solution to injustice, "Black Nationalism"

List of Black Nationalist fundraisers

Supporting all these worldwide fundraisers would cost about 50 U.S Dollars. Give as much as you can, it all goes to support infrastructure for African American communities.
Our main donation page at OyoTunji African Village. We are raising $15 dollars per month via 100, 000 brave lionesses and lions, who are ready to support a Black Nationalist economy. $127,000,000 million in 7 years, lets keep it going strong. Click here: -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
Help save Gullah Gee Chee land. Fighting hard for African liberation since the 17th century, descendants of Angola, the Gullah Gee Chee people, managed to preserve some of their native tongue, their ancestry culture and pride. From slave revolts to freeing other slaves, civil rights struggle, Pan-Africanism, many of the members of the famed, "Emanuel African Methodist Episcopal Church" of Charleston are Gullah Gee Chee descendants. Because of the low state of economy of South Carolina's Low Country, government seizure of their lands and vicious taxation, many Gullah people are losing their lands. But you can help them out with a small donation. Here is their GoFundMe page: 
Dr. Umar Johnson's fund me page. Click here:
He is raising $5 Million dollars for a high tech private school for our young boys. If we could reach 300,000 people this would give Dr. Johnson his $5 Million for the school. A girl's school would be the next ideal mark and also Queen's club where our women can gather for they are the leaders of the family's interest.
Also support the Collect Black People Movement. They have a .27 a cent day, $8.10 fundraiser a month, they already have a thousand people signed up. Click here:
Much love for my believers on the Nation of Islam they also have a fundraising that's set at .30 cents day, about $10.00 a month. They are shooting for 16 million people, trying to raise about 250 million in a year. Click here:
For more info:
Empire Washitaw De Dugdahmoundyah. The Nation of ancient American Mound Builders they came before Columbus from Africa on Egyptian boats. Africans were sailing the seas for thousands of years. The Washitaw are ruled over, like the Gullah, by a Queen Mother, Her Highness Devine: Empress Wendy Farica Washitaw. Please show your support for their nation. We are only as strong as our weakest link as African Diaspora. The Washitaw donation page: ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
Please support all these Black Nationalists efforts to provide true economic freedom and total liberation for all African Diaspora. The hand has five fingers and they all must be strong, work in coordination, to build a stronger Diaspora.
Henry Garnett said, "If we are to bleed, then lets bleed all at once.
Those who have it to give should give large amounts. In the upper ranges of $250.00 one time. If we can get 10,000 people to give $250 that would be $2.5 Million to complete , His Royal Majesty Oba Adefunmi II's 7 year plan, all in month. So give now! Up you Mighty Nation-----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
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Our goal is $1 Billion, raised by all Africans worldwide, all languages and all ethnic groups.


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