Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Devil Worship Witchcraft and Sodomy Among Blacks! (Viewer Discretion Advised)


I want you to view this, take your time digesting this wealth of information and come back often until you begin to awaken. This is the nasty side of African people who are cult members of the Underworld of evil. For not only do these cults exist on the continent but they exist in the diaspora. These are Africans who have become anti-social, anti-family, and anti-community due to the breakdown of the economic infrastructure, which allows for people in our communities to fulfill their life's destiny. Our young people get lured into these cults by the promise of riches, power and mysterious knowledge which they believe these material things will bring them happiness. These cults are the destructive cause which is preventing the liberation and rise of African people, who once ruled the world. This is the result of decay and rot of our once great and noble civilizations of light. I reveal this information not to hurt our people but to stir awakening. We must address these cancer sores that are corrupting our nations, our organizations, and destroying our alliances. These sociopathic persons who are joined together inside of these cults, gangs as I would call them, because they go out acting together, ganging up on members in the community, using cover activities stirring chaos all throughout the African world. Too many times we focus the blame for this nastiness upon Europeans, Arabs, Asians and Jews, and whether it may be true our eternal enemies may support these cults, it is our responsibility to justly end this evil. We can not afford scape goats anymore. You can literally trace assassination of African light bearers on the continent and diaspora to evil cult followings of Africans. Whether it is working with eternal enemies of our community or initiating open aggression, rumor mongering, and targeting the righteous in our movements these types of Africans are root cause of all evil affecting the world. My advice is that we should pray to our ancestors to cleanse the world of this filth. We must end evil or evil will end us. 

How come the kingdoms of Africa remain in ruins? 

One simple word: Cults

Evil cults brought to Africa by Europeans, witchcraft, evil secret societies and sodomy. This same occurrence is what destroyed Black/Ancient Egypt, when Greeks brought sodomy, rape, slavery, witchcraft and evil cults to Africa. These are the evil demonic fire cults that the cave people, who worshiped fire in their cold environments, conjured demons of war and strife to rob others and increase their power. This is the origin of the European mythology that their ancestral deities are attributed with evil abominations. 

Alfonso, a Kongo king that reigned from 1506-1543 spoke and 
wrote in Portuguese . The Portuguese also shared many beliefs 
about magic, the supernatural and the treatment of illness that the Kongolese people 
believed: protective amulets in both cultures were considered medicinally valuable, and 
sickness was associated with witchcraft. 


Sodomy is not Genetic. 
It is not African Culture. 

African scientists have confirmed it sodomy is choice. 

Colin Kaepernick the Magic Mulatto

The Sodomite Buffer Society

Many fail to understand the rotten nature of this world that has existed in this state for the last 500 years. This world is ruled by sodomites, the Sodomite Pedophile Roman Catholics, which consists of Italians, Greeks, Portuguese, French, Germans, Belgium, Canadians, Australians, and Americans.  Along with this sick demonic group of world controllers are the Zionist Jews who are pedophiles. There are tier levels of secret societies with the Black Greeks being the lowest level of this ring inside rings of secret societies. All the Greeks societies, whether White, Hispanic, Asian, Black and Indians and Arabs, are poor people elevated from the bottom to be the sodomite buffer groups to shield the rich and power racist Catholics and Zionist Jews. These societies have forced the perception that homosexuals are an oppressed group and deserve human rights. There's virtually no notion, sound or otherwise, why those who practice sodomy can be considered a group based simply upon unnatural behavior. There is only one oppressed group that is Africans. There is no Gay Revolution only the African revolution and liberation from the demonic system of White Supremacy. Sodomites rule the world and Steve Cokely was the first in America to reveal this hidden social order. The original Boule members were mulattoes, as we remember from African history, mulattos have worked against us and for us at times, but this group of mulattoes in the sodomite Boule started by SkullnBones society manifesto was to destroy the Black Race in the Americas. The fact now that darker melanin Blacks have joined it doesn't alter the manifesto of the sodomite Boule and the mulattoes that still run the inner most circle of the Boule. Many Boule members don't even know all the secrets of the Boule for there's secret levels above most members but all of them are blood oath sworn to shield the organization despite its criminal and demonic activity behind the scenes. Ultimately these Blacks work in government, entertainment, news and media, military and police, religious and private institutions protecting the secrets of the White Supremacist system. Make no mistake most if not all Blacks in the Boule understand historically and currently what the Boule is in mission and purpose, racial treachery. This demonic social order has been the rot behind all our organizations, movements and acts to free ourselves. These people must be identified so that our progress in this generation is not thwarted like in the past. Ase. 

The Hidden Demonic Social Order of Western Civilization

Let's not forget what the Greeks no matter what race what they represent. These are simply men and women from the common class promoted via fraternities and sororities to be members of a sodomite buffer group. Buggery and blackmail are the price that each member must pay in order to enjoy the social privileges, money, rank and notoriety which comes with selling one's soul to the elite White Supremacists that control this planet, who are all pedophile sodomites by the way. This system uses control methods of community stalking, spying, assassination, news media hoaxes, false education, lies and propaganda to keep the masses of people enslaved. All Black Greeks, Divine 9 members, are part of this system, some of them try to limit their involvement with the evil nature of the order but nonetheless are aware of its true nature. The entire network of secret society orders is ran from the top by the Vatican, the Jesuit Priests, and the long list of Christian denominational groups. Believe it or not, but the people of the West are forced to pay for this control system by a phony space program, phony nuclear weapons, and phony tithes to a fake Jesus Christ, a false Muhammad and a made up Abraham. It sounds shocking but the savage European with no knowledge managed to switch places with the African, and now the African is the unlearned and lives at a low state once reserved for the savage. European elites centuries ago established their ring inside rings control order in all the nations of Earth in which they colonized or ran directly. Ase.

The Spooks Who Sit By The Door

They never really launch a revolution but talk a good game while they sit by the door. The party was on until the break of dawn, so many died who were anger and poor. Goats lead sheep to slaughter says Ifa, they lead out front to make sheep brave.  Yet it is only the stubborn fly that follows the corpse to the grave. Ase.

We've got to go back to the history of the beginning of this entire collapse of Africa. Our people being raped, mutilated and grossly abused. Children born not sinners but born into a world of sin. Children growing up their entire lives enduring the worst evils imaginable, having their destinies, given to them by Almighty God thwarted. This is an evil world but people make the choices between good and evil despite. We weep for the ancestors who endured slavery but we curse them when we weep for those who willingly become apart of the oppression, who join the enemy in the quest for money, power and materialism. Somehow deep down anti-socialism formed by those weakened by lack of hope. And now abused children blame their parents, their communities and yes their race for their hurt and suffering. This is much like those who are infected with Aids and go out and pass it on to hundreds of others out of vengeance. Like the adult who was raped and molested as a child now going out to rape and molest others. Not all molested children grow up to be pedophiles but there are many who do. We are now seeing the rise of Sodom, those who are in celebration of gay marriage and rights to be demonic, the right to be sinners, and the right to defy nature and God.  Can you not see the rise of proud, narcissistic and foul minded persons, who seek vengeance upon the world? Some have yet to understand the villain who is worst than the criminal, so many crimes laws to catch the criminal, but overlook and even empower the sociopath who hides insides cults in control of institution. Those who just want to see the world burn. Those who want to destroy the world. Yet this isn't the first time, groups like the Black Greeks,  who have assisted the Aryan White racists with using sex as an agenda via spreading disease. One is only to go back to the Tuskegee Experiment and find the Black doctors and nurses involved in conducting and recruiting innocent Blacks, professionals from Black and White Greek societies. How Syphilis was promoted and spread, Sodomy which leads to Aids, and all sorts of demonic mind influencing parasites, is now being promoted by Boule/Black Greeks to the unsuspecting Black community. All of this spiritual and physical disease spreading is happening in America now the land of spiritual darkness and wickedness. America has affected the world with its phony humanitarian gestures then imposing sodomy upon African cultures. 

Most African Americans are cowardly traitors at least 99% of them. Sure most will cry injustices and blame the system, but they coward down to their own wickedness. Many care more about their elite status and defending it, at any costs, than save their people from this dark plight. African Americans are a people without self control, self destiny, without a traditional culture of righteousness, are just a slave population to be used as human drones any strong group. This very logic was the central theme by the KKK uprisings, that African Americans were the manipulated people of Zionist Jews. The Zionist Jews who own and control nearly every freedom front for the African American community, from the NAACP to the Black Panther Party, to the Sodomite agenda Black Lives Matter movement spiritually blessed by the sodomite Churches. African Americans have lost on all fronts, betrayed from within, betrayed from without, betrayed by their country, betrayed in the past and will suffer betrayal in the future as well. A cursed people. This is a spiritual problem and no logic, no words, no legal or political remedy will do. Ase. 

Take a look at this photo, although its old and faded, it depicts the true horror inflicted upon African Americans from sexual germ warfare conducted upon them by American Greek societies, including the Black Greeks. Black Greeks took over Tuskegee by poisoning Booker T. Washington, replacing him  with U.S government agent and spy, Dr. R. Morton. The  event of Mr. Washington's death, he was on a fundraising trip, wanting rest, he decided to  stay a night here in Washington, D.C at the Wormley Hotel Site. Mr. Washington was poisoned via his food by a Haitian servant hired to work at the Hotel and died within 60 days.  So the foolish notion that Black Greeks aren't involved in spreading Sodomy because it spreads Aids is just that foolish. Cults kill for money, that is how cult leaders and inner circle members become rich and stay wealthy.  Atlanta, GA and Washington D.C have the highest outbreaks of HIV infections among African Americans, including the entire nation, all centered around Atlanta Clark University Center and Howard University, which also hosts large populations of Black LBGT, LBGT outreach centers and blood banks. 

Dr. R. Morton member of Phi Beta Sigma 

An agent for the White Supremacists in the U.S Military who took over Tuskegee and directed the experiments which spread Syphilis through the Black community like wild fire. He himself died of Syphilis related diseases, karma is real. 

List of parasites and disease associated with the practice of Sodomy

Anal Cancer
Chlamydia trachomatis
Giardia lamblia
Herpes simplex virus
Human immunodeficiency virus
Human papilloma virus
Isospora belli
Viral hepatitis types B & C

Dark Knights Rising-Some men just want to see the world burn. 

This may not be true for all who have suffered abuse but maybe 10% of abused persons. But it can be proven that some abused persons, abused as small children, tend to grow up cold, withdrawn from society, seeking to put blame on someone for what suffering they endured. This is where you get the sociopath, the ones who seek a lifelong revenge for their unfortunate life experiences. This account is very true for many suffering Africans around the world especially Diaspora those who grew up without true moral culture and refinement. It is pure and simple self hatred which is the worst form of a demon. 

Black Lives Matter Another Trick Bag 

This is another sodomy pysop movement funded by pedophile Jewish/Zionist George Soros

All the Blacks possessed with greed and ambition will do anything to rise in the White Supremacy world. This includes engaging in sodomy and molesting children to please their White masters wish to multiply gay population. Heavy molestations also occur in Black churches as they are no different in this unorthodox Christianity of God loves you nothing what abomination you commit. Besides sexual abuse and rape of children many get into sodomy by joining White Supremacist college cults that initiate members by sodomite rituals.


There is no such thing as a Gay Revolution because the Roman Catholic Church and Zionists Jews control the governments of many nations these sodomites rule the planet. These sodomites of Rome and Jewish/Zionists are behind the Sodomy Agenda, the Vatican by many denominational of Christian Churches marrying sodomites, before the state got involved it was the Church creating spiritually sanctioned sodomite couples. The Jews/Zionists in control of Hollywood, Sports and Media have always conducted an underground initiation into sodomy for all its entertainment stars and television personalities. And when you count the numerous Greek societies who live as closet sodomites, of all races, further counting, the amount of people who embrace some form of sodomy, America is majority a sodomite culture. The only question is who isn't a sodomite?  So you see the very rich and powerful are directly behind promoting sodomy, which is historically European culture, as they rule and dominate the world, its no question pedophile sodomites run this planet. So the notion of a Gay/Sodomite revolution is a complete lie but more an imposing it upon others, increasing sodomy to where it threatens human existence. 

The psychology behind the zombie epidemic is simple,  many practicing sodomites are hurt people being manipulated by a White Supremacist Elite that has used sodomizing the males of conquered people to render the males too weak and effeminate to fight. This can be seen in many prison settings where the strongest men, gang raped, tortured and made to submit. The Stockholm syndrome doesn't just apply to captive women, falling in love with their captors and embracing their culture, but men as well.  Many sodomites are given jobs, resources, grants, loans, money and material things to buy their loyalty to spread this abomination. This was the express purpose of the conqueror's strategy, and look how it has worked? We now fight with each other instead of liberating the African world from White Supremacy. But unfortunately, despite the call by some foolish Black Nationalists, to unite with the LBGTQ, flies in the face of actual history of Black sodomites working against the African liberation. There is only one revolution and that is African liberation from the death grips of White Supremacy. All fiddle faddle causes divide the forces of African freedom fighters which in itself is a strategy used against us our rise. Whites and Jews using Maconda and Laconda, brainwashed Africans, to be launched as torpedoes against the whole is spoken of by Dr. John Henry Clarke. Taking history, Jewish pirates used to snatch Blackwomen off the coasts of West Africa. Take these women back to their lairs, rape and impregnate them, then raise these bastard offsprings to be slave raiders in Africa.  

Demonic possession is real and is recorded not only in Christian and Islamic history but ancient religions record instances of not only individual infestations but entire towns and cultures. 
A few have considered my views to be a bit harsh, please, you don't know the half of it. I don't share your faith, I don't condone your God and your religion, my point of view is higher than yours. This is because many of you are unorthodox Christians, heeding only divine law when you are using against others, hypocrites, diminishing the divine with slick interpretations. Sango says there's nothing wrong with hating the very wicked. There are some people I hate the things that they do but not them. These are the innocent, the unaware, those in this instance, being manipulated by the forced perceptions given to them by their handlers. Yet for some I simply hate them perfectly. Reason being is thus, at the core of some people there's no soul, there's no longer a human being existing there to forgive, just an empty shell. You will find this true as you examine all the empirical evidence given in this blog that some of our people really have sold their souls. 

So many caught up in offering sympathy for those who practice sodomy because they say its natural. Well no science on this Earth has verified that sodomy is natural. In fact, the Twin Studies proved that sodomy isn't genetic. The twin studies involved hundreds of millions of dollars research on twin sets where one was straight and the other gay. These studies proved sodomy isn't genetic, very conclusively, however, despite the Gay propaganda continues to promote the lie that the Twin studies proved gay is genetic. Wonder how they fixed so many situations where one twin was straight and the other homosexual?  There are two ways sodomy is spread; number one way pedophilia, the second way is sexual bribery to join a cult of evil. Pedophiles and sodomy cults are the criminal spirit that violates divine law but hides behind man made laws like Cannon Law, which is Roman cannon law, might makes right. Common law which sodomite Europeans in majority setting making the laws for their common interests, i.e White Supremacy. Maritime laws which are laws deprived from piracy, take and plunder the wealth of others on the open seas, invade and annex lands, impose sanctions and disrupt trade and commerce. Last but not least, natural law, which is another deviation from divine law, suggests that nature aught to be law, in other words, we are to act like the beasts of the field as opposed to spiritual beings having an experience on Earth. These are the demonic laws of Greeco/Roman culture. But no matter what set of laws being manipulated Gays aren't born but made. 

This young African boy was adopted by a celebrity card carrying Satanist White lady. She dresses this young boy up like a girl, twisting his mind at a young age, but no outcry from the Black Elites? How come? Because they are sodomites too! And the 1% that isn't are either sympathetic to sodomy or too afraid to oppose this genocide. 

How the Democratic Left is promoting sexual dysfunction and destruction of civilization

This young lady gives a very detailed and informative vblog to how the LBQT is adding, "P", which stands for Pedophile, to its long acronym. She quotes the statistics current that prove pedophilia is very corelated to homosexuality. Sodomy is madness! 

F.B.I Director J. Edgar Hoover member of sodomite Greek society

Hoover passing for White is very shocking but it makes sense now his extreme contempt for African Americans. As director of the F.B.I Hoover created a hostile work environment for anything and anyone Black/African. Hoover wasn't just a mulatto but a flaming sodomite, very violent and hateful man. This further goes to prove that Black Greeks and those who are sodomites work very hard to destroy the Black race for the love of White Supremacist Catholics and Jewish/Zionist pedophiles that run the world. 

‘Gay’ Cointelpro: J. Edgar Hoover & Bayard Rustin?! Homosexuals Who Changed America!

Izola Ware Curry
The first assasignation of attempt of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr

Not all African Americans view the Civil Rights Struggle as a good thing for our people. In fact, some African Americans like Izola Ware Curry, saw the Civil Rights Struggle as an another farce to further enslave and exterminate African Americans. Its true that the Civil Rights movement came about as a counter movement to Separation and Nation building movement started by the Most Honorable Elijah Muhammad and his fiery minister Malcolm X, as well as the previous Garvey Movement which was destroyed by sodomite mulattos J. Hoover and Dr. W.E.B Dubious in the previous generation. Mrs. Izola Curry's original statement as to why she stabbed Dr. King is that the Black Preachers and churches were community stalking her. This is the system of community stalking, wearing down the saints, that was invented by the Roman Catholic Church, paid for the U.S government and ran in all U.S counties under the guise of Neighborhood Watch. But tell me, what do they watch since crime in America has always been violent with missing children, thousands of Blackwomen and girls gone missing, and the CIA and Italian Mafia funneling drugs and guns into Black communities for decades.  Mrs. Curry stated her community stalkers, Black Boule churches, were after her because she was exposing the plot by the Black Church raising up Dr. King, then a young, handsome and articulate minister, as a false prophet to trick Black people into integration. Yet the weird thing about Mrs. Curry's trial is that there was no trial. Mrs. Curry was simply allowed into court one time to plea not guilty by reasoning of insanity. This legal effect rendered any utterances made by her to fall under insane utterances of a criminally insane person. But was she really insane to suggest that Black ministers are in cahoots with the demonic social order of White Supremacist America running a citizen spy network and silencing machine using Church cults and secret societies? Immediately following her short, brief and non-publicized trial Mrs. Curry was hurried off to a mental institution where she was never heard from again even by her family. Can we say silenced? 

Court Corruption

I like Dr. King, I was heart broken to hear the very people who shot him were his own brothers. I hate betrayal but I do honor Dr. King for giving his life to try halt the purpose he was being used to do. I really believe Dr. King only thought he was shutting down Muhammad and Malcolm X and at the same time peace would come between Blacks and Whites. Alot of Black people, especially the middle class African Americans,believe Blacks and Whites will make peace, oftimes are against those of us who have given up on that thought long ago or never had it at all.  Dr. King was known to speak consistently defaming the reputation of the Most Honorable Elijah Muhammad, Malcolm X and the movement for separation. Malcolm X went to Mr. Muhammad, he wanted to expose Dr. King's known sexual degeneracy and homosexual activities but Mr. Muhammad ordered Malcolm X to respect the personal life of public figures. Yet Dr. King did meet with Malcom X and after a long conversation the two of them agreed to not attack each other. After the meeting with Malcolm X. After the meeting between Min. Malcolm and Rev. King sodomite mulatto J. Edgar Hoover declared Dr. King the most dangerous man in America. Dr. King's message began to go off script of the Boule's plan to destroy the separation movement. Dr. King's greatest and most controversial speech he gave at Stanford University, in which Dr. King speaks of the "Two Americas", one Black and one White, but both unequal, unlike the "One America", that was attributed to him by the likes of many including former President Obama. Dr. King began to expose the lie of integration and phony well meaning of the Civil Rights bill. How so quickly White America was reneging from their promise via erecting an institutionalized system of racism to replace the openly despised Jim Crow.  In my view, Dr. King was killed in time to prevent him from undoing the counter-revolutionary programming he spent two decades promoting. Plus I believe killing Dr. King also sealed the deal to have him as a martyr with a holiday symbolism racial equity that only exists in Dr. King's Speech, "I Have A Dream". Dr. King didn't write that speech which means this is all someone's script. Dr. King said the stabbing of him by Mrs. Curry stuck with him. I believe Dr. King's conscious begin to bother him and Dr. King didn't want to go down as traitor to the Black race like so many of the Boule sodomite Black preachers who killed him. Ase.

Untold Truth About Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. - All Involved w/ His Assassination Came Out Publicly!

You see I have long known that this man was a reformed traitor because he had heart and genuinely loved the people. Yet he was young, misguided, and cursed being born into a Boule Christian family initiated him into this century of treachery. Yet I know that Dr. King gave his life and no traitor gives his life for any cause. Ever! 

Martin Luther King- Friend or Foe?

Even Whites know that Dr. King's message was racial treachery

The Truth about Dr. King and his sexual degeneracy

Dr. King silenced and murdered by his own Boule Preacher brothers to protect the secret betrayal

Malcolm X on Dr. King, "He was a traitor"

Malcolm is right Dr. King was a traitor at the time of their intense rivalry but he outlived Malcolm and Dr. King died for what Dr. King and Malcolm had a agreed. Malcolm's conversation with King I sensed he informed Dr. King what the enemy planned to do to him once he had done what they planned for Dr. King.  Dr. King was set up from the start to be sacrificial marytr for the now termed, "Illusion of inclusion". Malcolm's worldly vision and Freemasonry knowledge exposed to Dr. King had an emotional effect upon Dr. King. Him being still a young married man with small children. The F.B.I wiretapped their entire meeting and J. Edgar Hoover heard that was said. Ase.


Midnight Mirage PSA: 
Black Boule Brown Nosing Buttlickers and Hypocritical Hyenas

The Boulé

The Black Gatekeepers also known as the Boule/Divine Nine/ The council of Pan worshipers! The criminal and demonic underworld among African diaspora. 

College Cults destroying Nigeria as well.

This demonic rising of evil underworld cults isn't limited to the U.S, it also has ravished the Motherland, including Nigeria. Feeling special, wanting power and money, also engaging in perverted lusts attracts the sinner. These cults are destroying the African world entirely from so much corruption. African people joining Aryan based cultures and becoming anti-family, anti-community, and going against the nature of righteousness. You are destroying your own people. 

Cults: Why Do People Join?

Is Joining A Sorority or Fraternity Satanic?

Here is an European young woman speaking on the truth of Frats and Sorrs. At the time code, 22: 00 she begins to speak on the Black Frats and Sorrs and their betrayal of the African American community. These are witness testimonies of many people who are in these cults coming out to shed light on this demonic underworld. I present more of these testimonies below.  Please thank in your heart there is a God who reveals secrets through those wanting forgiveness. Also God doesn't like ugly. P.S There's no such thing as a secret because once you've told another human being besides yourself its a secret no more! The same goes for underworld cults, that are no longer secret but hidden in plain sight. 

Demonic Greek Organization of nearly every race

These people are the hidden Gay Mafia/Mob that attacks all who oppose the spread of sodomy. People say there is a gay mafia, well, these are the people, Greek college frats and sorrs, the 17th century Illuminati of college youths started in France.

 Born in 1748 in Ingolstadt, a city in the Electorate of Bavaria (now part of modern-day Germany), Weishaupt was a descendant of Jewish converts to Christianity. Orphaned at a young age, his scholarly uncle took care of his education, and enrolled him in a Jesuit school. After completing his studies, Weishaupt became a professor of natural and canon law at the University of Ingolstadt, married, and started a family. On the surface, it was a conventional enough career—until 1784 when the Bavarian state learned of his incendiary ideas. The 18th-century German thinker Adam Weishaupt , a Jesuit society member started the these sick and demonic college cults. As I've pointed out the Catholics and Jews are behind making the societies leaders closet sodomites to shield their pedophile hidden world. Ase. 

Asian Greeks to control Asian communities

Hispanic Greeks to control Hispanic communities

Pastor Manning says black people have no honor

I like most of everyone thought the Honorable Pastor Manning was off his rocker. But seeing his divine warnings come to past I am awe struck. If we take a look back at the slave annals, which our ancestors, upon being freed from chattel slavery, spoke of their mistreatment during slavery at the hands of their enslavers. African American women were very honest about the rape, sodomization, grossly abusive treatment they endured while in bondage. The women were very brave by speaking out and releasing their pain and torment. But Blackmen however, out of pride, didn't speak of what had happened to them. Instead choose to cover it up and thus aid the pedophile culture that runs America, and they still hide the slave masters dirty secrets. Black boys were raped by sodomite slave masters, they were turned into sex toys for sick men, pedophile slave owners and priests. This nasty demon ego still plagues Blackmen and they are the principle force behind the "Born Gay" argument. Everyone can agree that the homosexual agenda didn't really explode until the first Black President assumed office. This cult worship of Barrack Hussein Obama and his huge followings of Blackmales who are in these sodomy ritual cults brought us to this point of moral collapse.
Thank God for Pastor Manning. 

The World's Biggest Sodomite

Every cult uprising has to have its cult leader. Obama! Obama! Obama! The sodomite African American Greeks and Masons agenda was given a White House push. Many Blacks, especially darkskin Blacks, worship mulattoes, out of a hate for self, they will do anything to fit into the world of some lighter than them. Someone who can blend in or seems accepted by the racist White establishment such as Barack Obama. The first Boule Chapter Omega Phi Psi forbid darkskin Blacks from joining. There were comb tests and paper bag skin tests to weed out the darker Blacks. The darker Blackmales had to form their own group, Alpha Psi Alpha. This stuff is sickening and very much tied to demonic possession. I prefer the spiritual term than the other scientific brainwashing. Reason I am being so direct and harsh is because unlike unlearned men and women, without knowledge and unconscious, these are intellectual minds studying the occult choosing to be soulless. 

Mixed Blacks? Or Mixed White?

The first buffer class of traitors

From mulattoes of Ancient Egypt to evil cults of the Boule 


Michelle vs Michael LaVaughn Robinson???

This has to be the most shocking conspiracy ever exposed in the present world. The notion of this, the mere mention of it, ravels the mind, that the first lady of the U.S, Michelle Obama is Tranny. I would agree we must ask the right questions and maintain respect. What I like most about this poster of the video is she keeps her language clean of any vulgarity and insult. But she still asks? What if? 

Boule', Barack, Michelle and Crowley's Sex Magic:Is She A He?

This is Jesse Jackson's Rainbow Coalition Flag, Jesse is also a member of the Sodomite Boule. This is the Divine 9/Black Greek Fraternities and Sororities who live dual lives as undercover homosexual, closet homosexuals. This has been going on since 1904 at start of the first Omega Phi Psi. Is it a coincidence that Jesse's flag mimic's the LGBT flag? Coincidence is not congruence per Dr. Jung on synchronicity. If you see the same black cat twice, you're in a matrix, a well weaved lie.  


Serena and Venus Trannies?

Greeks been turning boys into women way back in 300 b.c. I honestly don't understand how come an intelligent person wouldn't pondered it. The possibility of a man passing as a woman, and a woman passing as a man, is no less different than someone 1/4 African passing as an European, or an 1/4 European passing as an African. With high sophisticated cosmetic technology of this contemporary times is not only possible but simply goes under reported. 

It doesn't Susprise me to see Ronald Reagan involved in this plot. Member of Bohemian Grove and long time Hollywood Actor, both Ron and Nancy Reagen, swinged it both ways. This is the vernacular order of Judeo/Christian culture which stems from the Greeco/Roman and Kazakhs love for sodomy and pedophilia. 



Detailed Analysis of Anatomy

Hell and Darkness is here! 

The Mass Deception Of Turning Things Upside Down Agenda

LGBT Gays Benefited From Dr Martin Luther Kings Dream Not Black People!

College Drug Rape Culture of Greek Fraternities

Still think Bill Cosby is innocent? You don't know the half of what these Frat Boys do to women in college? 

What are Quaaludes?
Quaaludes (methaqualone) are a synthetic, barbiturate-like, central nervous system depressant. Methaqualone is an anxiolytic and a sedative-hypnotic drug. Quaaludes were introduced as a safe barbiturate substitute, but they later showed that the possibility of addiction and withdrawal symptoms were similar to those of barbiturates. In other words, a knock out drug which totally puts the victim in a deep sleep. This is called incubus demon in occult knowledge. 

Remember Nat Parker his case involved the same issue of doping his victim, who killed herself, because she was jumped on by the system protecting Frat boys, well she also claimed she was drugged and gang raped by Nat's frat brothers. 

Here's a quick discovery, go to Google and type in Fraternity and Rape. 

I find it very odd that any Black/African would name a movie, "Birth of a Nation", a supposed celebration of Nat Turner, under the very title of the most racist movie ever made. Birth of a Nation was a movie created to stir up hatred among Northern Whites who didn't have a reason to hate Blacks with the same contempt as racist Southern Whites living in Klan territory of the South. So Birth of a Nation was contrived to depict Blackmales as sexually depraved apes who only wanted to rape Whitewomen. This movie sparked race riots and the lynching of innocent Black businessmen all over the South. This targeting was carried out by not only Whites but Blacks too who belong to the demonic social order of American society. The cleansing of Freedom towns and communities of independent Black businesses was done to set up a stronger sodomite buffer group to control African Americans so yes the Greeks and Black Churches were involved in the tracking, targeting and lynching Black businessmen. Ase.

Nat Turner Confessions

Alot of Pan Africans and Black Nationalists are defending the notion of evil Whites and sodomite Blacks turning Nat Turner into a sodomite. Yet I want to be fair and just, because when I viewed the history of Nat Turner for myself, I find much truth to the notion Nat might have been imposed to sodomy. Nat Turner was only 7 years old, when his mother and him were sold to two White sodomite slave owners. Nat's mother was raped, mutilated and poisoned leaving 7 year old Nat to fend for himself. Such was the harsh conditions of slavery that Blacks didn't own their bodies. Sodomite pedophile Christian Whitemen like Benjamin Turner who owned Nat constantly sadistically abused him. After Nat got bigger and older, as most pedophiles who like small boys, grew bored with Nat, sold Nat off to a more brutal and sadistic sodomite White slave owner. I have empathy for the brutal life that Nat Turner endured. I can see him losing patience, Nat went into rage witnessing all the rapes of African Americans at the hands of their so-called Christian and Jewish masters. Call it a divine calling some of you who don't have any divinity in you because rage isn't divine. Many argue that Nat was a man of God, how so? Being allowed or should I say groomed, to go to plantation to plantation to teach other slaves submission to White Supremacy via Christianity, which is a sodomite religion, isn't divine? White slave owners were crafty they used all the boys they had been molesting and sodomizing, mostly house slaves,  and mulattoes mostly in the beginning, reared them as preachers. Yes mostly all the Early black preachers, pastors, bishops, cardinals, priests of Christianity were flaming sodomites. There's a sodomite hierarchy in control of the Church that forces all wishing to rise in it become a sodomite or sympathetic to sodomy and pedophilia. We can't cover up sodomite history and hide their secrets any longer and think African liberation will happen all on its own. We can't condone the killing of women and children that Nat Turner committed despite the compelling reasons in which he did it. It is against African law to murder women and children in war. Shaka Zulu was known to kill all males of fighting age but spared the women and children. Women and children aren't messing this world up its patriarchal males with their out of control Ogun aggression. Even the Haitian Revolution the uprising didn't involved killing women and children. The Hatitians chopped off all the heads of the women husbands and gave it to them to take back to France and warn they Haiti was free. The Gullah Gee Chee uprising that ended Chattel Slavery didn't involve killing women and children. And if Pan Africans and Black Nationalists are so big, bad and brave, then how come they don't teach you of successful Maroon revolts like the Haitians and Gullah Gee Chee? Many of these people are agents, like Nate Parker the maker of this movie is a member of a sodomite Greek fraternity. 

((( GREEK LETTER ))) Organizations.....EXPOSED..(Audio)....

Homosexuality is Occult Worship: Hitler, Crowley, and Secret Societies

Here an European pastor boldly says what not even African American pastors would dare say? That Sodomy is demonic worship and rebellion against God by those in these cults. I challenge the false notion that the African American Church has been the consciousness of this nation when it is dead silent to these abominations of the underworld

Although many of these Christian preachers and believers are waking up to the nightmare that sodomites have taken over their Churches, very few, if any of them, will admit and recognize that the Church is directly behind the sodomy movement. Yes Greeks invaded Ancient Egypt, then a Black nation, raped and enslaved the people and introduced, rather imposed, upon the Ancient Egyptians the perverted practices of sodomy and pedophilia. Greek Emperor Ptolemy made the Ancient Egyptians deify him into a God.  Ptolemy took up the name Separis Cristos which later became Jesus Cristos which became Jesus Christ. Ptolemy the sodomite lover of Alexander continued to practice sodomy along with the rest of Greece. Sodomy is the vernacular order of the Roman Catholic Church, with men under oath to not have natural affections for women, and women not to have natural affections for men. The entire chapter of Romans 1 of the Bible speaks so accurately of the reprobate natures of Romans. Read: (The 11 Most Sexually Depraved Things the Roman Emperors Ever Did ) And none of the denominations that so-called separated from from the Roman Church did so because of sodomy but more like branched out themselves widening the influence. Many Churches are nests for sodomites. Let us not forget that most higher learning institutions that host these fraternities and sororities were founded by racist White Catholics and Jews thus this is Greco/Roman and Jewish/Zionists sodomite culture. Also many Mosques and Synagogues are nest for sodomites as sodomy, sadism, masochism are widely practiced in Eurasian cultures. Only ancient religions forbid such abominations which comes the tale of Sodom and Gomorrah where many kingdoms came together to burn down these demonic infested societies that threaten to overrun the world. Most Biblical stories have their root in some truth but their histories the Vatican altered and plagiarized in creating their false bible Ase. 

"Altar of Secrets"

President Duterte bravely speaks of his abuse at the hands of U.S Catholic Bishop who molested 4 generations of Filipino boys. 

Romans hide the Flat Earth

Yes, the entire ancient world accepted and knew the world was a firm place established by Almighty God. And the Roman Catholic Church saw fit to change it, by forced perception, via their free school system established around the world the false globe. This wasn't just elementary schools but higher learning institutions, most Catholic, that taught the globe Earth. This has been a willful deception to hide the Creator and proselytize their religion. A religion, might I add, that many inside Catholics don't practice but are Freemasons and secret cult members who worship ancient deities. This is fact most simple Christians and Muslims don't want to deal with that their clergy aren't true to their faith of monotheism but are secret cult members worshiping ancient deities and most times demonic. 

Images of Forced Perception

Understand/Overstand Symbol trickery.

The Roman Catholic Church Sodomite Agenda

Yes it is most certainly without a shadow of a doubt the Roman Catholic Church is behind the so-called Homosexual Agenda. Sodomy, as it is rightly called, has been practiced by Romans since Greek times.  Sodomy is the vernacular order of Greeco/Roman culture that they hide because it affects trade and commerce. I mean who wants a bunch of pedophile men and women in their society even if for business? But its not the issue that Romans and Jews practice this abomination but desire to impose the sodomy lifestyle upon all on Earth so they will not have any issue of acceptance. Sodomy is an addiction due to parasite bugs, thus sodomy is called "Buggery". Parasites that live in the intestinal tract and can influence the hormonal system of the host. This is well documented knowledge among Gnostics, many ancient orders, that while in the domed world human beings and all animals live with parasites and bacteria.  Sodomy is the plague, Sodomy is the root cause of Aids and many sexually transmitted dieases that have killed millions of human beings, decimating entire groups. The evil White Supremacist has always used Germs, Guns and Steel to undeservedly place himself in control of the world. 

The Age of Horus and the Black Lie:
 (Suffering the Children) 

The Untold Truth of missing Black Children

Sex Farms: The unspoken history of chattel slavery.

When taken into account this sick history, I take issue with those who view the current behavior as stemming from always from slavery or post-slavery syndrome. Bless the ancestors who endured this but never degrade them by excusing the present behavior of those who willingly commit these acts of abomination, not so for fear of loss of life and limb, but for money, greed and power! I have no sympathy for those involved in these nasty cults. Yet I do sympathize with any who may have been molested as small children now affected with this demonic sickness. The untold pedophilia that goes on among the Africans in America households is the root cause of sodomy's rising popularity. 

Blackmale Bed Wrenches

Richard Pryor tells the ultimate insider joke

Yes you see, lots of Blackmen are even bigger bed wrenches during slavery and present times than Blackwomen. These Hollywood Negroes, Sports, Entertainers, Rappers, Fashion, are selling their souls through sexual bribery to obtain major success in the sick Jewish/Zionist world. These are what the Jews, the perverted Zionists, were doing in 106 countries that have kicked them out for this demonic behavior. The Jews literally creates perverted art, movies and music to corrupt the population to fatten his pockets and lifestyle. The Jews actually bribes well these Negroes to join him in his defilement of all morality.

The Black Child speaks on the Pan operated industry that's owned by Jews signing talented Blacks via sodomy rituals

Exposing Sodomite Rituals In Hollywood 

U.K Perspective

History Study Shows: Right before ALL ancient societies COLLAPSED homosexuality SPRUNG UP high!

Many civilizations fell completely when masochistic societies rose up became parasites unto the people.  Sodomy is caused literally by parasites, mind influencing entities, parasitic worms that drive men and animals to its own aims. The Ajogun as they are called in Ifa science, number in some 8 different classes of dimensional parasites, which cause trouble for man.  Germs, guns and bombs is how the European conquered the world but his demise with be a tiny worm. Europeans are now a dying race because of their breaking every taboo that leads to parasitic infection.  

Practicing the Doctrine of Evil and promoting Satanic faith

There is no Satan but there are demons of evil. Some choose to worship the Greek deities, which were nothing more than demons when these humans walked the Earth. Zeus, Pan, Aphrodite, Apollo, and other Greek deities were demons. These stories of their wicked deeds are written plainly in the myths, these people raped, murdered, and broke every taboo that could be broken. To chant and conjure up these demonic spirits possesses one with their wicked energy. 

Worshiping demonic Greek ancestors!

The Truth about: Demonic Possession


Before a person can be possessed,
that person must YIELD themselves
to continually practice evil.

Repeatedly giving ourselves over to
evil will assuredly pay us back by
way of being overtaken by that evil.

Unless one yields him or herself to evil,
they cannot be possessed.

 The Boule'- Reasons For Destroying The "Afrikan" Race!

An Alpha Confession

THE BGLO and the secrets they do not reveal. #DELIVERTASTIC


How the Gay Agenda is spread?

"Homosexual" History of Christianity


Anal and oral stimulation, and unnatural intercourse with animals


Don't be fooled Pizzagate is real. 

The Vernacular Order of the West is Sodomy

The Sodomite Spirit in the Church

You see even Christians who aren't sodomites are being shocked by the evil spirit of sodomy and pedophilia in their Black Churches. What many fail to realize is that the Christian faith is the child of the Roman Catholic Church which is always been about sodomy for its Rome's culture. The split of the Catholic Church into so many fractions of denominations had virtually nothing do with this controversial acceptance of abomination. So in essence, sodomy continues in all denominations of the Christian faith because no denomination ousts the sodomites. I didn't grow up being Christian so I didn't attend Church often so I was shocked by the amounts of sodomites sitting high and mighty in the Church. No sin is worst than any other, but there's a difference between sin and abominations, somebody aught to inform the Christians.

Greece and Sodomy

Anyone believing Greek societies, whether fraternity or sorority, aren't engaging in sodomy are completely unlearned. Greeks prided themselves in sodomite relationships especially with boys, and the women were lesbians. Its hard to believe good looking, smart and popular people who openly court the opposite sex could be sodomites behind closed doors but that's exactly what goes on. Imagine how many good looking, smart and college teens turn down this perverse bribery and buggery? The Western world has expanded sodomy via the Catholic Church to every corner of the Earth. The total power and wealth of the Catholic Church and their Jewish/Zionist helpers is unmatched. Their militaries in all the governments they control is unmatched. So everyone wishing to rise up the economic ladder of the Western world must join a sodomite order to get above certain high amounts of wealth otherwise you are a threat to the sodomite world. This is how come Greek college cults were created in the first place so that anyone moving up can become a sodomite puppet. This buffer system creates a wall of sodomites between the chief rulers of  sodomy Catholic Whites aka Rome and the pedophile Zionist Jews. 

Modern Greece still engaging in Sodomy 

Gay Pride Parade Thessaloniki Greece

The Greek God Pan having sex with goat

Here Pan is seen sodomizing the goat, sometimes called riding the goat in Freemasonry societies and cults such as Greek Frats and Sorrs, as well. Riding is a special magical term or jargon that is one of the 5 stages of demonic possession. 

Stage 4: Riding – At this stage, the spirit fully possesses the individual.  Any struggle and adjustment ceases, and the spirit can speak, act, and live through the body of the individual.  This is where possession has its real benefit.  As the person who is possessed, you basically become a passenger in your own body and mind.  What this allows you to do is to observe the possessing spirit.  How does it think?  How does it plan?  How does it perform ritual?  How does it move power?  Gather notes during your period of possession, and then when the spirit has departed, you can start a series of experiments in reproducing all of this, so that your magick will become as strong as the magick that the spirits use!

   Black Greek White Masters

Ejiogbe believes in forgiveness but our people involved in these demonic rites need exorcism, I want to reiterate. 
-A partial confession of self destruction.

How the savage Greeks stole African knowledge. 

The Secret Meaning of Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity Inc


Eustace Mullins - Homosexuality in Secret Societies

Homosexuality in Southern Fraternities

You see its not just Black Greek societies but White ones as well, more than likely where this homosexual tradition started, but the Whites also are practicing sodomy as initiation rites into these cults. The members then go on to become priests, pastors, attorneys, judges, politicians, administrators, etc. Important people in society who now impose sodomy upon the unsuspecting general society by promoting it as normal. 

Dating a SIGMA, KAPPA, OMEGA OR ALPHA or any other GREEK Fraternity member

Ex-Black Greek Speaks Out

Sexual Warfare: Blacks vs Homos War

Frats Soros Have Demonic Spirits
Testimony of demon possession rituals

Homosexuality Is A Greek and Slavic Thing

Dr. John Henrik Clarke: Black Greeks Are An Embarrassment

Dr. Clarke expresses my views that I've vocalized for years that Blacks joining up with White Greek societies give credence to the false notion of Greece being the origin of civilization and not Africa. The entire history of Greece being taught in Western schools and libraries is a false one. Greeks were savages, Africans took pity upon them and allowed their smartest people to study in our universities so they could return home to teach their people. History shows they instead concealed the knowledge and formed these sick secret societies among the White elites.

THE OATH: SECRET SOCIETIES AND FRATERNITIES (satanic education system) 2016

Social engineering and brainwashing via hazing, oaths, shaming, pain and lusting. 

How Cults Work, how the underworld works!  (MUST SEE)

Elements Of Underworld Cults

Sodomite Buttock Show off ritual done in private location of Fraternity and Sorority members

Video ***Deleted by Copyright Infringement***

I rather suspect that the one who owned it, a Greek member, is seeking a little popularity, keeping it among them, making money selling videos among other motives, lead to the copyrighting crying game. 

 Omega Psi Phi Video, Men With Their Ass Out, Is This Fake? 

Community at awe and disgust with knowledge of such sodomite rituals. 


Passing the Egg A sick sodomite ritual

Greeks Socially Worshiping Pedophile Culture

History of Homosexuality
Dr. Umar Johnson

Africa says No for Homosexuality, by Dr. Seyoum Antonios

Dr. Umar Johnson: No African Community Ever Legitimized Being Gay

Here Dr. Umar Johnson counters the sick movement of "Orange Is The New Black", by debunking the lie that sodomy is genetic. Also Dr. Umar clears up any promotion that an independent ruling body of Africans, throughout the entire millions of years of history of African civilization, have ever condoned, supported, or legalized pedophilia/pederasty, homosexuality, bestiality, any gender confusion, sexual confusion/ addiction as normal. And since African people were the first humans to build civilization, there's virtual no argument left for anyone to say that sexual perversion is natural. 

The Negro Question Part 5: Eugenics 2

Eugenicist Movement in America: Victims Coming Forward

Like Dr. Umar European Psychologists working in White communities also point to early childhood sexual trauma, molestation and rape as the catalyst for homosexuality rather than in born or gay genes. There is no gay gene! Further, unhealed souls are now taking a part in social anarchy by parading filth, imposing sodomy to be taught to small children, and lowering the standard of justice in America by holding judges and secretary seats to impose their cult beliefs on the masses. 

Slave Branding Among Black Greeks 

And oh yes, I've seen many of Black Greeks with these demonic burns on their flesh

The Truth Behind Brandings: Black Greek Fraternities and Sororities

The Realities of Closet Homosexuality practiced and encouraged by Black Greeks

The Gay Boule 

Here Bobby Hemmitt explains the origin of the agent community the Boule whose members practice homosexuality, both men and women, to seal the deal per see, self imposed blackmail to keep the secrets and control members!  Cult brainwashing. 

Bobby Hemmitt reveals UFO abduction were secret society kidnappings for rape.

Dr. Paul Cameron: Sexual madness is enveloping the West

Can Going To College Change Your Son's Nature To Be A Man? 

Here we have a promotion by Black Greeks that spent hundreds of thousands, possibly millions, promoting homosexuality as equal to the human rights of African people. They did so belittling the struggles of the entire African race. Lust for money, power, fame and pleasure will produce anything in this weak class.

Dec 2007 – “Homosexuality” on Black College Campuses
Posted on December 1st, 2007

What’s Happening on Black College Campuses?

The very first time I realized that there were “homosexuals” in Black greek fraternities was in the early 1990’s as I visited HBCU’s throughout the country. I witnessed the existence of an entire “homosexual” chapter of Kappa Alpha Psi cross over at one institution. But as bad as I thought this was then, it was a mere glimpse at what was to come.

Now, unfolding right before our eyes, we are watching the effeminization of the Black male take full effect. Sick young Black males are organizing under the guise of “fraternal brotherhood” to form enclaves of sexually deranged homosexuals in our community. It is a swelling phenomenon that has been gaining momentum for a while. However, it has only come to the surface over the past couple of years – primarily because of the Internet and news media coverage.

Historical Perspective

We should not be surprised about what we are seeing. Black homosexuals have been quietly promoting their gay agenda in our community since as far back as Bayard Rustin (one of Dr. Martin Luther King’s chief advisors). Rustin was one of the major players in the Civil Rights era . He outwardly expressed a desire to work on behalf of justice for Black people, but his true goal was to usher in an age of accepted “homosexuality.” He eventually became one of the major figures in the fight for gay rights. In addition to promoting the non-violent, pacifist protest model to our people as the exclusive methodology for seeking freedom and independence, Rustin fought diligently against the efforts of the Black progressive movement in amerikkka and abroad. He attacked Marcus Mosiah Garvey verbally and in his writings. He spied on Kwame Nkruma. He denounced The Nation of Islam, The Black Panther Party, SNCC, the Black teacher and administrators involved in the Ocean Hill-Brownsville community-control-of-the-schools program, and the entire Black Power (self-determination) Movement. He supported the illegal state of israel, going directly against the tide of Black support for the Palestinian cause at the time. In short, he was one of the greatest uncle toms of the 20th century.

In line with the theme of homosexuals dishonestly presenting themselves as Black freedom fighters when their true objective is to promote white-sex, James Baldwin used similar tactics to promote this filth among our people. He authored pornographic homosexual novels and promoted the idea that some children were homosexual by nature. Baldwin went so far as to encourage his homosexual lover, william styron, to homosexualize his infamous novel on Nat Turner. styron agreed and authored his Pulitzer Prize-winning book, “The Confessions of Nat Turner,” in which he depicts Nat Turner as a homosexual whose rebellion was sparked by his secret lust for the affection of a white female.

Needless to say, white-sex offenders have been politically and socially active in our community for a very long time.

Homosexuality on Black College Campuses

Homosexuals have been secretly mobilizing at Historically Black Colleges and Universities (HBCU’s) for decades. They have targeted and secured widely ranging positions from basic secretary to college dean. Many target the human resource department so that they can gain influence on the hiring and admission of others of like mind and interest. They also use their positions to block the entry of students and/or faculty who they see as threatening to their homosexual agenda.

Morehouse College is a prime example of what happens when historically Black institutions get invaded by white-sex offenders. It is among the most prominent and celebrated HBCU’s in this country. The academic program has a history of excellence and a reputation for producing some of the most prominent members of the Black educated elite. It is an all-male institution located in Atlanta, Georgia. For years, Morehouse was known for having a largely homosexual choir and glee club, which is nothing unusual in Black churches and educational institutions. What many people do not know is that Morehouse is one of the most gay-friendly HBCU’s in the US. The fact that Atlanta is the Black gay capitol of amerikkka is a definite contributor to the problem. More disturbing is fact that the white-sex problem at Morehouse is being fueled from the top. Many members of the administration, along with the teaching staff and the student body are homosexuals. When the students voted overwhelmingly against the charter for a gay fraternity, the president vetoed their vote. There is even a secretly well-organized screening process for potential faculty and students that recruits homosexuals and weeds out Black applicants who show too strong of opposition to the behavior. In fact, I personally know one member of the faculty who was pushed out because of his firm stance against white-sex.

Many Black people are surprised to find out that Morehouse is also using the curriculum to leverage support for and sympathy towards homosexuality. According to many members of the student body who I spoke to personally, the topic of homosexuality is infused throughout the mandatory course curriculum for all students, being disguised as discussions about human sexuality. In these political science, humanities, and sociology courses (among others), instructors cleverly promote acceptance and tolerance for the behavior. As one student put it,

“My observation, after 4 years at the college is that no matter where you are on the pendulum of how you feel about homosexuality, Morehouse intends to make you become more tolerant. If you do not adjust, you will not make it your 4 years at the college. I have friends who left because they wouldn’t budge. I have become more tolerant than I was. I made it.”

We mentioned before that they have a clandestine, recruitment process for homosexuals. The recruitment process is so diligent that I strongly caution anyone to allow a vulnerable young man in their family to attend the choir and/or glee club orientations targeted towards young high school graduates. These often become nothing more than homosexual recruitment projects where our sons are the predatory targets of homosexuals.

Price vs Love Incident

Perhaps the most disturbing example of Morehouse’s fervent support for and promotion of white-sex among our people is in the infamous Price vs. Love incident. Aaron Price is the son of a Chicago minister, Jerome Price. On November 3, 2002, Price (5’ 3”) was taking a shower when Gregory Love (6’ 2”) opened his shower curtain and stood there looking at him. They exchanged words, and Price proceeded to get an aluminum bat and hit Love over the head with it. Price perceived Love’s opening his shower curtain as a homosexual advance/assault, and rightfully so. In all of my years of living, I have never heard of any non-incarcerated Black male opening the shower of one of his male peers. In my estimation, Love got away easy. A homosexual advance on a Black man is one step away from rape, and every man and woman have the right to their sexual security. In this case, Price exercised his right to defend himself against a sexual advance/assault.

As this promotion continues with various assaults on the characters of Black leaders and pastors who oppose the White Supremacist homosexuality agenda driven by our treacherous brothers. Take a look at how serious homosexuality is considered in Africa, which is the cause of Aids, as Aids is a homosexual disease, brought on by filthy body fluid exchange of feces, blood, and infected semen, Africa suffered 25 million children orphaned when their parents died of Aids. And Africans aren't homosexuals but this homo disease, virus, was magnified by White Scientists and put into vaccines and given to our beloved people as a part of charity. And to think our most educated and connect class would still promote homosexuality as normal its pure treachery!

Consider this: If a man had opened a woman’s shower, it would be properly viewed as an assault. If she got a gun and shot him, society would understand. We would conclude that she was in a very vulnerable position taking a shower, and that her reaction was in defense of her sexual security and privacy. Heterosexual assaults, whether direct or implied, are not tolerated by society. However, homosexuals have carte blanche to make sexual advances on Black men without any ramifications or consequences. If one does respond in an aggressive manner, we face the threat of being charged with a hate crime (which was true in the case of Price).

No action was taken against Love for opening Price’s shower. However, Price was expelled from the school. Price has served 5 years of an original 10-year prison sentence. In 2006, much to the dismay of the homosexual community, Price had 3 years taken off of his sentence. He was denied release in his last parol hearing.

This case exemplifies the homosexual aggression against strong Black manhood. Price, a college student seeking higher education by attending an HBCU, is now in prison for defending his sexual rights. To our knowledge, he was not a drug dealer, a vagrant, a thief, or a criminal of any sort. He is a Black man. And he did what a prudent Black man would do in his position. As a result, he was attacked, scandalized, excoriated, and incarcerated by the Black homosexual community. This blatant miscarriage of justice rings similar to the recent Jena 6 case in Jena, Louisiana. When Black boys stood up against racist white bigotry they were arrested and incarcerated, while the whites who attacked them were neither arrested or prosecuted. The Price vs Love case is similar. The primary difference is that whites were the culprits in Jena; Black homosexuals are the culprits in Atlanta, GA. Both groups demonstrated relentless hatred towards righteous Black male aggression.

Morehouse not only took the side of Love, but they used this incident to strike the fear of God into any individuals in the Morehouse community who were hostile towards homosexuality. Under the guise of fighting homophobia, they launched a pro-homosexual campaign that has many parents regretting sending their students to the institution.


I am not singling out Morehouse for criticism. I use them as a blatant example of the type of organized aggression the Black community faces from our institutions of higher learning. To some degree, Morehouse has become a homosexual institution where heterosexuals can go to get a good education. And this pattern of accepting and promoting white-sex on Black college campuses is ever increasing.

Homosexuals in these institutions are mobilizing all across this country to remove any vestiges of anti-homosexual sentiment from Black political thought. It is in this climate that the homosexual fraternities and lesbian sororities will blossom. Because Black people are afraid to speak out against this misbehavior, adults at these universities are free to recruit and encourage young and impressionable youth to take part in the homosexual lifestyle. And they are having great success. The fraternities and sororities are only the beginning. They are on the path to completely replacing the Black studies curriculums with gay curriculums. They are replacing the idea of Black racial justice with homosexual rights. In short, the Black educated elite are being forced to accept homosexuality without question and in some cases they are being homosexualized.


Black people need a Black Decency Movement (BDM). In fact, Positive Kemetic Visions (PKV) is starting one in 2008. This movement will establish standards of acceptable behavior for Black people. white-sex (homosexuality, pedophilia, etc. . .) will be one of the many topics covered. For the time being, I will offer some suggestions that can help to stem this tide at HBCU’s:

Black alumni at these institutions need to become more involved in the sociopolitical life at these colleges. Money talks. When parents refuse to donate money and/or send their children to institutions that force their children to accept sexual deviance as normal, there will be movement.

Student groups with an anti-homosexuality agenda need to be formed under the leadership of tenured professors and influential parents with the support of the student bodies. This ensures that neither the teachers or the students can be attacked for their political views without a fight.

Start support groups for sexual abuse victims and others suffering from sexual confusion. Ensure that they are controlled by responsible Black, sexually sane (heterosexual) brothers and/or sisters. These groups can help our people deal with the stress and emotional pain of sexual abuse; and they can help steer our people in the right direction, sometimes even before they experiment with sexually inappropriate behavior.

Invite speakers to properly address issues of relevance to the Black community. In the past, HBCU’s had a reputation for inviting controversial Black speakers to engage students in serious Black political thought. We need to get back to this practice.

Share the Price vs Love story with your friends and family. Brother Price should never have been put into jail in the first place. His story is a rallying cry for Black people to clearly see that we do not share any political common ground with Black homosexuals. When it comes to picking between the rights of Black people and the promotion of sexual deviance, Black homosexuals bend over and let us down every time.
Identify Them

Some of the entertainment aristocracy

Colin Kaepernick  is a member of Kappa Alpha Psi

Denzel Washington is a member of Omega Psi Phi  Fraternity 

Michael Jordan, is a member of Omega Psi Phi

Cedric “The Entertainer” is a member of Kappa Alpha Psi

Singer Alicia Keys became an honorary member of Alpha Kappa Alpha

Joe Torry is a member of Omega Psi Phi

TV host and comedian Steve Harvey is a member of Omega Psi Phi

Singer and reality TV star Towanda Braxton pledged Zeta Phi Beta while studying at Bowie State University in Maryland

Daytime TV talk show host and comedian Sheryl Underwood was the 23rd international president of Zeta Phi Beta Sorority

Soul singer Aretha Franklin is an honorary member of Delta Sigma Theta sorority

Major League Baseball player Ryan Howard was initiated into Phi Beta Sigma at Southwest Missouri State

Former 106 and Park host AJ Calloway is a member of Omega Psi Phi fraternity

Television personality Star Jones is an active member of Alpha Kappa Alpha

Soap opera actress Victoria Rowell is a member of Sigma Gamma Rho sorority

The "Flyjock" Tom Joyner is a member of Omega Psi Phi

Actor and comedian Bill Cosby is a member of Omega Psi Phi

Keisha Knight Pulliam is a member of  Delta Sigma Theta 

Former Cosby Show star Phylicia Rashad is a member of the Alpha Chapter of Alpha Kappa Alpha sorority

Basketball legend Shaquille O’Neal is a member of Omega Psi Phi

World-renowned author Toni Morrison is a member of Alpha Kappa Alpha

Terrence Howard is an honorary Member Of  Phi Beta Sigma  

Identify Them

The Political Aristocracy

Rev. Al Sharpton is a member of Alpha Phi Alpha

Michael Obama is an honorary member of Alpha Kappa Alpha

Congressman CLAY, William Lacy, Jr is a member of Alpha Psi Alpha

Mayor of Atlanta Kasim Reed is a member of Alpha Phi Alpha

Roland Martin is a member of Alpha Phi Alpha

The Rev. Jesse Jackson is a member of Omega Psi Phi fraternity

Bill Clinton is an honorary member of Phi Beta Sigma Fraternity

Former Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice is a member of Alpha Chi Omega sorority

Rep. John Lewis is a member of Phi Beta Sigma Fraternity 

Loretta Lynch is a member of Delta Sigma Theta

Eric Holder is a member of Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity

Omega Psi Phi Fraternity members 

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